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Orginally, J.M. Plockova’s work was inspired by a printed collection of Alfons Mucha’s designs entitled Documents décoratifs. These include drawings of unrealized artworks of jewellery, furniture, cutlery, glass, porcelain, as well as several decorative panneaux.

She found a further source of inspiration and artistic development in Mucha’s designs for Georges Fouquet´s jewellery boutique on Rue Royale, Paris. She began to re-create Mucha´s artworks while remaining faithful to the originals, and gradually transformed the artist´s uniqueness and creative energy into an inspiration for her own line of works. Since the 1980s, her craft has been met with admiration both in the Czech Republic and further afield.

Selected Objets d'art


Geometrie brož chrysopras, granát Ag 925/1000

Poslední kusy z limitovaných kolekcí. (3,2×3,2 cm Výzdoba Prim. salonku 1911)


Brouk prsten Ag 925/1000

(karneol 2,3x2cm návrh pro zlatnictví Georges Fouquet Alfons Mucha Paříž 1901)