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Jarmila Mucha Plocková is the granddaughter of Alfonse Mucha.
Her father Jiří Mucha was an well-known writer and journalist.

Jarmila studied architecture in Prague and completed her art education with a four-year full-time course at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts.

In 1981, she moved with her Spanish husband to Barcelona, ​​where she studied painting at the Massana Art Academy.

Jarmila lived in Spain for 12 years and during her stay there she worked in the architectural studio of Jaume Freixa (previously assistant to the renowned Luis Serto) and in the world-famous Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura.

She participated in the following projects: Joan Miró Museum in Barcelona, ​​1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Palacio de Congresos and Escuela de Musica Reina Sofia in Madrid.

When, in 1988, Jarmila’s father Jiří granted her the exclusive right to work with Alphonse Mucha’s designs, she began, in addition to her profession as an architect, to work on a large collection of jewellery and vases for the then leading American art company Circle Fine Arts Corporation.

In 1992, she returned to Prague and opened her own Studio Mucha JP Prague, in the production of which she combined inspiration with the work of Alfons Mucha with her own artistic invention.

She has exhibited her works in various galleries in the Czech Republic as well as in many capitals and cities of distinction across the world.

She has two daughters.


1998 Frankfurt, Germany – Ambiente
1999 Milan, Italy – Fra Art Nouveau e Giapponismo: Alfons Mucha
2006 Kroměříž, Czechia - A Treasured Legacy
2007 Hustopeče, Czechia - A Treasured Legacy
2008 Ivančice, Czechia - A Treasured Legacy
2008 Slavkov, Czechia - A Treasured Legacy
2008 Naarden, Netherlands – A Treasured Legacy
2009 Prague, New Town Hall, Czechia - A Treasured Legacy
2015 Chicago, USA – Prague Days: Alphonse Mucha
2015 Dublin, Ireland – Playing With Tradition – (participating)
2016 Paris, France – Alphonse Mucha and Jarmila Mucha Plocková
2017 Tokyo, Japan – Alphonse Mucha and Jarmila Mucha Plocková
2017 Kyoto, Japan – Alphonse Mucha and Jarmila Mucha Plocková
2018 Brno, Czechia – Smalt Atelier – (participating)
2018 Karlovy Vary/Carlsbad, Czechia – Continuity and Craftsmanship
2020 Prague, Municipal House, Czechia – Alphonse Mucha (participating)

Authorizing certificate from Jiri Mucha

Certificate issued by Jiri Mucha in 1988 authorizing Jarmila Mucha Plockova with the exclusive right to create objects based on the works of Alfons Mucha

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