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Jarmila Mucha Plockova is a grand-daughter of Alfons Mucha. Her biological father Jiri Mucha, son of Alfons Mucha, was distinguished writer and journalist. Her mother Vlasta Plockova was born in Barta family of Prague’s industrialist Barta.

Jarmila’s stepfather Alexandr Plocek was a violin virtuoso, soloist of Czech filharmony and later he became a professor at Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

Jarmila studied architecture and Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. In 1981 she left with her Spanish husband for Barcelona where she studied at the Escolla Massana -Centre of Art and Design.

During her 12 years in Spain she took up work at the studio of Jauma Freixa, student of the outstanding Spanish architect Josep Lluis Sert. She took part in
the completion of the building of Joan Miró’s museum in Barcelona. From Jauma Freixa her path led her to a brief spell at the studio of Oriol Bohigas, who participated in the building of the pavilion Expo 92 in Seville.

Soon, her drawings, with perspective views of the designs for the buildings and their environs, were being appreciated at the studio. Later she continued working in Ricardo Bofill’s prestigious studio Taller de Arquitectura. At that time Bofill was working not only in Spain, but also in France, a well as in other European countries and overseas.

Jarmila Plockova participated in designing buildings for the 1992 Olympic games in Barcelona and, beside other structures, also in the completion of the Queen Sophia Auditorium in Madrid.

From her grandfather Jarmila inherited not only talent for fine arts but also artistic craftsmanship. She also posesses humble attitude towards Mucha’s work and responsibility for family tradition. More about her work

When her father Jiri, the sole heir of the copyright to Alfons Mucha’s works, gave her the exclusive right to create objects of art based on Alfons Mucha’s works, she began designing applied and decorative art for American artistic company C.F.A.C (Circle Fine Arts Corporation).

After resettling in Prague in 1992, she founded the Atelier Mucha JP Praha where she interconnects the inspiration from Mucha’s work with her own line of work. In 2007 she managed to settle the copyright issues in court.

Jarmila has two daughters- Katerina and Barbora.

She is currently working on her new works and is also preparing her forthcoming exhibition.


1998 Frankfurt – Ambiente

1999 Milano, Fra Art nouveau e Giapponismo – Alfons Mucha – Atelier Mucha JP

2006 Kromeriz- Alfons Mucha a Jarmila Mucha Plockova – Vzacne dedictvi (A Treasured Legacy)

2007 Hustopece – Vzacne dedictvi (A Treasured Legacy)

2008 Ivancice – Vzacne dedictvi (A Treasured Legacy)

2008 Naarden – A Treasured Legacy

2009 Prague, Novomestska radnice – Vzacne dedictvi (A Treasured Legacy)

Authorizing certificate from Jiri Mucha

Certificate issued by Jiri Mucha in 1988 authorizing Jarmila Mucha Plockova with the exclusive right to create objects based on the works of Alfons Mucha

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Vlasta Plockova
Vlasta Plockova, at the time of her acquaintance with J. Mucha
Alexandr Plocek
Dr. Alexandr Plocek, soloist of Czech filharmony
Barbora and Katerina
Jarmila's daughters Barbora and Katerina

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