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Panneaux, posters and family jewel

Jarmila Mucha Plocková finds an important source of motives in her grand-father’s renowned posters and decorative panneaux. Mucha fascinated Paris in the beginning of 1895 with his poster for the play Gismonda, with the famous actress Sarah Bernhardt in the title role. The poster differed from usual posters of those days in its subdued mosaic of colours, the beauty of its contour lines and the typically elongated format. Mucha brilliantly succeeded in expressing a woman’s mysterious beauty and charisma, and in combining the Slavic mellowness with Parisian esprit.

Panneaux Iris and poster Medea

Panneaux Iris (left) and poster for Medea play by Alfons Mucha

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Selected Objets d'art inspired by panneaux, posters and family jewel



Pendant – inspired by Mucha’s Iris panneaux.

Sarah Bernard

Sarah Bernhardt

Ring – inspired by the drawing on the poster Medea by A. Mucha, 1898.