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Documents Décoratifs

The author’s most significant source of inspiration is the collection Documents décoratifs by Alfons Mucha who was commissioned to create these as a book of samples for artists and craftsmen and arts and crafts schools. We may perceive its pages as patterns for the particular objects, but also as autonomous works of art. At first glance the collection gives a somewhat heterogeneous impression, but when we realize its original purpose, it becomes clear that this is exactly what is demanded of the work. Most of the plates consist of small –scale versions of posters and decorative panels, designs of jewels, furniture, cutlery, typeface, glass and dishes. From each plate emanates Mucha’s originality, creative ability, the spontaneous energy of his lines, preciseness, logic and a sense of balance. His drawings also contain a touch of erotic mysticism and a cult of woman’s beauty.

A page from Documents Decoratifs by Alphonse Mucha

A page from Documents décoratifs by Alfons Mucha

Gabriel Mourey, who provided a comprehensive foreword for the Documents décoratifs, says of Mucha’s work that it has the gift of stirring our emotions, carrying us away and conjuring up the radiant mirage of a beautiful dream above the melancholy drabness of everyday life. Since 1902, when these words were written, to these days, Mucha’s works have the same effect. Jarmila Mucha Plocková’s work, which she gradually realizes after her grandfather’s designs, affects us in the same way.

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