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Christmas star

Vase – floral theme from decorative panneaux Ruby, A. Mucha


Pendant – inspired by Mucha’s Iris panneaux.

Val de Grâce

Vase – inspired by decorative lines typical for french period of A. Mucha.


Vase – theme from A Mucha’s decorative panneaux Iris.

Sarah Bernhardt

Ring – inspired by the drawing on the poster Medea by A. Mucha, 1898.


Vase – decorated by themes from Mucha’s embellishment of the Bosnia and Herzegovina pavillon for the World’s fair.

Panneaux, posters and family jewel

Panneaux, posters and family jewel

Jarmila Mucha Plocková finds an important source of motives in her grand-father’s renowned posters and decorative panneaux.