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Glass vases and bowls are traditionally manufactured in glassworks of North Bohemia. Decor is painted by enamels and gold or laid on by special plastic sand-blasting technique. Every item is part of a limited series and comes with the certificate of origin and quality.

Cup Red Poppy

Cup Red Poppy – sandblasted (height 17cm)

Price: 1 450 CZK

Vase Lily

Vase Lily (height 34cm)

Price: Výstavní kus

Red Poppy – painted

Red Poppy – painted

Price: 3 904 CZK

Chalice with petals

Chalice with petals (height 25cm)

Price: Výstavní kus

Vase Red Poppy

Vase Red Poppy – sandblasted (height 25 cm)

Price: 3 763 CZK

Vase Lace

Height 17cm

Price: 3 136 CZK

Chalice with spiral

Height 25cm

Price: 4 650 CZK


Height 34cm

Price: 6 620 CZK

Sea wave

Height 34cm

Price: 5 445 CZK

Christmas star

Vase – floral theme from decorative panneaux Ruby, A. Mucha

Price: 1 950 CZK

Water Lilly

Bowl – inspired by Mucha’s design from Documents décoratifs.

Price: Výstavní kus

Forget me not

Vase painted – decorative theme inspired by design of A. Mucha in Documents décoratifs.

Price: 5 760 CZK


Vase – realization by A. Mucha’s drawing from Documents décoratifs, 1902.

Price: Výstavní kus

Red Poppy

Vase – floral theme from Documents décoratifs.

Price: 4 959 CZK

Corn Cockle

Vase – corn-cockle theme from Documents décoratifs by Alfons Mucha.

Price: 5 280 CZK


Vase painted – ornamental theme from Mayor’s lounge in Municipal House in Prague.

Price: 1 950 CZK