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Boutique Fouquet and items realized in Paris

Another source of inspiration is Mucha’s work for Boutique Fouquet.Only few jewels made by Parisian jewellers after Mucha’s designs around 1900 have been preserved. Jarmila has made replicas of some of these in her studio. She has used decorative elements of jeweller Fouquet’s shop on Rue Royale for a number of objects in Mucha’s style.

Interiror of Fouquet Jewellery designed by Alfons Mucha

Interiror of Fouquet Jewellery designed by Alfons Mucha

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Documents Décoratifs

Panneaux, posters and family jewel

The Municipal House, The Mayor’s Lounge

Selected Objets d'art inspired by Mucha's decoration for Boutique Fouquet

Lilly of the valley

Lilly of the valley

Brooch – inspired by Mucha’s design for Georges Fouquet Jewellery in Paris.

Georges Fouquet Ceiling scarf

Georges Fouquet ceiling motif

90x90cm Scarf – inspired by ceiling motif in Goerges Fouquet’s Parisian jewellery.